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How the Cloud Can Improve Your Charity’s Security and Help You Embrace the Digital Era

19th March 2018
The loss of sensitive data is a major worry for charities.  The statistics bear their concerns ...
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IT Lab Manchester’s Nostalgic Farewell to Riverside

16th March 2018
From a Power Station to a Spinning Mill If the imposing building on Agecroft Road could talk, it ...
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McLaren Technology Group Renew Partnership with IT Lab

15th March 2018
IT Lab’s Long-Standing Relationship with McLaren on Track to Continue Beyond the intensely ...
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How to Choose a Penetration Test Provider Wisely

5th March 2018
How to be certain you're signing up for a Porsche and not a Lada 
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The Compelling Case for a Penetration Test

2nd March 2018
How Safe is Your Business from Hackers?
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Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Welcomes IT Lab as Technology Services Patron

20th February 2018
IT Lab's role in Manchester's business community strengthened with Greater Manchester Chamber of ...
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Loss of Critical Data Biggest Concern for Charities

31st January 2018
In 2017, almost half of all businesses found themselves at the receiving end of a cyber attack.
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Building an Effective Hybrid Cloud Environment with Microsoft Azure

26th January 2018
Interview with Microsoft: Using IT Strategically IT Lab’s partner Microsoft shares how - by using ...
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Identity and Access Management

12th January 2018
Security and Simplification Identity and Access Management (IAM) delivers two desirable benefits: ...
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Meltdown and Spectre Processor Vulnerabilities

5th January 2018
Guidance from IT Lab's information security experts on the meltdown and spectre flaws making the ...
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